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We're Back! And this time it's forever. This won't be the Serenex you used to know. We have put a lot of work into this prior to releasing, but will still have all the things you enjoyed before!

In the new Serenex, there are many features that are bound to keep you hooked. We are paying for a VPS which means 99.99% uptime, great ping and almost no lag. Adam and Chris have now taken part in ownership of the RSPS and have put forth much work into developing this RSPS. You can see what they have done on the left side of the page.

"Voting" and "Donating". Voting and donations even as small as a few dollars can help tremendously with monthly and yearly payments. Your money goes towards things such as VPS, Hosting, Domains, Fast Internet Speed and much more!

We, as you know, are looking for staff members who are loyal and helpful. You can find more information the the "staff" tab and on the forums.


"Slash Bash" boss added.
New home (varrock).

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